Jordan Rashid, Graduate Student


Jordan Ali Rashid is a doctoral student in cognitive science, native Floridian, and son of Ismaili immigrants. He was educated by the Jesuits since grade school, and in 2013 received his bachelor degree from Loyola, Chicago in Psychology and Neuroscience. As an undergraduate, Jordan developed a passion for psychophysics working with Dr. Anne Sutter and Dr. Raymond Dye. His undergraduate research interests focused on word recognition, specifically the priming effects of structural regularities in word forms and the grammatical constraints those forms impose. Jordan received his Masters in cognitive neuroscience from the University of California, Irvine in 2016. His thesis in psychophysics addressed the cognitive strategies and neural mechanisms available to humans for extracting summary and statistical representations of visual objects. Since then, Jordan has become interested in applying dynamic models of visual attention to neuromorphic sensing and processing. Currently his work focuses on developing an architecture that performs Bayesian inference on event-based sensory signals that are encoded to maximize efficiency, subject to neuromorphic hardware constraints.